Angelababy wife can also be a fairy, attack on this long Ma Jia 泛泰vega r3

Angelababy wife can do all of this long fairy Ma Jia lead: not long ago, "the murder of Angelababy time" campaign, the other one is called a waist Lu Qiao, called a long legs look sexy, it has a handsome, it is when the most popular "fairy attack"! Angelababy in Dior2016 spring and summer series Dior essence of the body shape, flesh sexy is not false, But, don’t think this is the temperament of "sexy lingerie" credit, can put into our "fairy attack", but this amazing long vest…… Handsome and sexy! It’s a heavy weapon class, a guy who knows how to use a vest, but not just Angelababy! Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo and Miroslava Duma are super long wear vest "wife", collocation a stovepipe pants and high-heeled shoes, do not need what exaggerated luxury accessories, will be the woman’s good taste of dripping every show. The long waistcoat is absolutely all the beauty of the female partner of the long waistcoat most classical collocation way is the combination of stovepipe pants + high heels. But if you want to play some tricks, also might as well learn KOL, fasten a belt long vest second waist skirt collocation approach, which not only can a skirt + pants, the most popular to wear, can also make the collocation of shorts, the leg line is more prominent, the proportion will be better. Collocation shorts and a loafer, instantly turned the handsome boys "wear a belt, a long vest can create a feminine dress long vest handsome, with a simple black and white color most with this navigation

Angelababy人妻也能做仙女攻 全靠这件长马甲   导语:不久前,Angelababy《谋杀似水年华》的宣传活动上,那一身造型腰露得叫一个巧,腿显得叫一个长,性感之中却有着说不出的帅气,简直就是时下最流行的“仙女攻”! Angelababy身穿Dior2016春夏系列   Dior的这身造型的精髓,露肉性感不假,But,不要以为这气质是“性感内衣组”的功劳,能把人妻变成“仙女攻”的,可是这件神奇长马甲…… 又帅又性感!简直是重型武器级别   懂得利用长马甲的人,却不只是Angelababy一个人!Victoria Beckham、Olivia Palermo、Miroslava Duma都是超会穿长马甲的“人妻”,搭配上一条瘦腿裤+高跟鞋,不需要什么奢华夸张的配件,就将大女人的好品位展现的淋淋尽致。 长马甲绝对是所有爱美女性的好伙伴   长马甲最经典的搭配方式绝对是瘦腿裤+高跟鞋的组合。但是若是想要玩出一些花样,也不妨学学KOL们,系上一根腰带将长马甲秒变收腰裙装的做法,这样不仅可以搭配出裙+裤,时下最流行的穿法,还可以搭配短裤,令腿部线条更加凸显,比例也会更好。 搭配短裤和乐福鞋,瞬间变身帅气“小生” 系上腰带,长马甲可以打造出裙装的女人味 长马甲的帅气,与简单的黑白色最配 本文导航相关的主题文章:

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